High accuracy with next to no loss – For securing bulk goods

Manufacturers use X-ray systems to remove foreign bodies from bulk goods.

Our SC-B 30 achieves this in very restricted spaces: At the same time, it has a high detection sensitivity with minimal rejection of good products.

Coffee beans, rice grains and sunflower seeds, for example, are typical foodstuffs that are delivered in bulk. They especially benefit from the inspection capabilities of the SC-B 30, as natural products often contain various types of contamination that pose a risk to product quality.

Instead of end-of-line inspections, it is therefore advisable to test the raw materials before they undergo further processing. As a result, significantly less good product is discharged and no machine parts are damaged, for example due to contamination. The purity of the products must be a priority.

Extremely accurate inspection

The SC-B 30 model has remarkable detection sensitivity to detect any foreign bodies. These results are achieved using diode line technology with a resolution of 0.4 mm. The multiple blowing nozzles and the flap ejectors are as accurate as they are thorough, and fit perfectly into the space-saving balcony architecture of the SC-B 30. The design with beveled surfaces and a comprehensive hygiene concept, which is ideal for the production of food, is generally impressive.

SC-B 30 application video: Magic Flame

Our customer Magic Flame demonstrates the precise approach of the SC-B 30 when inspecting sunflower seeds. The application impressively illustrates why the X-ray system is considered to be a critical control point by the manufacturer. Because for Magic Flame, the quality of the end product is paramount.


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