Impressive step towards independence from electricity and gas prices

Wipotec focuses on innovation for sustainable energy self-sufficiency

Wipotec is set to reach a new milestone in sustainable energy self-sufficiency. With the help of its own solar park and a groundbreaking vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) currently under construction, the company is positioning itself as a pioneer in the quest for independence from conventional energy sources.

Vanadium batteries are considered particularly promising as they can be used for an extremely long time without losing storage capacity. The International Energy Agency has even recognized the VRFB system as the most mature process for long-term electricity storage.

Stefan Pfeiffer, Head of Electronics Production and responsible for energy projects at Wipotec, shares his enthusiasm for the new energy storage system: "The new storage system achieves energy self-sufficiency of almost 90 percent." This milestone is the result of intensive research and investment in innovative technologies.

Wipotec is not only relying on proven methods, but is also considering the integration of hydrogen as a potential energy source in order to achieve a fully renewable energy supply by 2025.

Read more about Wipotec's pioneering energy initiatives and its vision for a sustainable future in the full article (in German).

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