Industry calls for 2D code transition

New in-line marking on consumer goods

It sure was not a considence that GS1 released this on June 26th 2024 – the 50th anniversary of the barcode: “22 leaders from the world’s biggest retail and consumer goods companies have signed an Industry Global Joint Statement calling for the transition to QR Codes with GS1 standards to revolutionise the consumer experience.”

Alibaba, AS Watson, Barilla, Carrefour, CPall, Dr. Oetker, IGA, Jingdong, Lidl, L`oréal, Master Kong, Mengniu Group, Metro, Migros, Mondelez, Nestlé, P&G, Savencia, The J.M. Smucker Co, Tsingtao, WH Group, Yili: The renowned signatory companies hereby decided to “start implementing QR Codes on product packages” (source: GS1)

The document specifically point outs that “assessing the necessary technological and process changes is essential” and “products with pre-printed packaging will need advanced manufacturing technology”.

We are here to support manufacturers throughout this process and consult towards the right solution!

Read more about the introduction of 2D codes in retail here:
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