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Wipotec installs six powerful redox flow tanks

A significant step towards sustainable energy storage was taken today by Wipotec when six impressive redox flow tanks were successfully installed at their site. The tanks, manufactured by Weber Kunststofftechnik of Minden, Germany, mark a significant step forward in the development of energy storage technologies.

Each of the six tanks has an impressive capacity of 36 cubic meters, a diameter of 3.00 meters and is 6.20 meters high. Made from polyethylene (PE), they are characterized by a coiled pipe that was hot-wound on a mandrel, which ensures their robustness and durability.

Installation took around seven hours, including fitting a roof over the tanks. This was hastily fitted as rain was expected at night. The tanks, which look like ships, can float when the water level is high enough. This illustrates the innovative technology and adaptability of the Redox-Flow tanks.

The next steps include the piping of the tanks, the implementation of ventilation and cooling systems as well as the installation of the stacks - the converters that ensure that electrical energy is efficiently stored chemically. The tanks will then be filled with electrolyte to put the redox flow batteries into operation.

Completion of the project is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024, by which time the Redox Flow energy storage system will have been successfully integrated into the existing energy cycle and Wipotec will have taken another step towards sustainable energy supply.

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