Wipotec wins Top 100 Award for the third consecutive time

Innovation quotient is at 253 points

Wipotec has won the prestigious Top 100 Award for the third consecutive time. This award honors the company's outstanding innovation performance and demonstrates its leading position in innovation management.

Wipotec's innovation quotient is an impressive 253 points. This figure highlights the company's high level of professionalism in innovation management. Since 2022, Wipotec has increased its innovation quotient from 215 to 253 points, a clear sign of its continuous pursuit of improvement and excellence.

Of particular note is the role of Wipotec's upper management, which is rated as extremely innovation-friendly. Compared to other companies both within and outside the industry, Wipotec's management team stands out as a role model in terms of innovation culture and promotion.

This strong support and promotion of innovation by the management is a key factor in the company's continued success in the competition for the Top 100 Award.

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