Catchweighers and Dimensioning Weighing Scanning Systems for Postal, CEP-Services and Intralogistics

High Speed Solutions for Postal, CEP-Services and Intralogistics

The Wipotec product range in the mail & logistics environment consists of high-speed catchweighers, extremely compact DWS systems (dimensioning, weighing, scanning) and letter scales. It offers genuine solutions for almost any customer application.

References include well-known players, such as DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS; Wipotec can therefore demonstrate installations of impressive size, including in international freight centres.

All machine solutions are developed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Kaiserslautern. Outside Europe, the company has subsidiaries and branch offices in Asia and the USA and as a result can always supply the global mail, CEP and intralogistics service providers with appropriate specialists for local support.

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AVC: Better by a Calibration Value

Active Vibration Compensation

AVC (Active Vibration Compensation), developed by Wipotec for Weigh Cells, allows the most precise measured results, without compromising on speed, throughput and accuracy, even in non-vibration-free environments.

It is precisely in the mail and logistics sector that these difficult environments are often found.Here, systems are frequently installed on platforms that are susceptible to vibrations during operation and the result may be disruptions when weighing. Building vibrations have a similar effect.

AVC filters environment-induced disruptions out of the measuring results without any loss of speed and enables the weighing technology to be used even in sorting systems or freight centres where scales have to be set up on vibrating floors.

AVC Working Principle

The actual measuring weigh cell measures the signal coming from the weighing belt, including all disturbing vibrations (1). A second weigh cell within the same housing measures only the disturbing vibrations affecting the measurement (2).

The superimposition of both signals (3) results in a useful signal which is freed from the disturbing influences of the vibrations (4).

Active Vibration Compensation is particularly effective in case of typical building vibrations or those of steel structures > 15 Hz. The expected compensation can be up to 20 dB.

AVC – exclusive to Wipotec – is installed as standard in all weigh cells used in postal and CEP services.



Revenue Recovery

The DWS Compact solutions from Wipotec for courier, express and parcel services use volume measurement, auto-identification and weighing functionality to detect every package parameter necessary for billing all the transport services in full (revenue recovery). 360° data acquisition ensures safe planning and the calculation of capacity utilisation or capacity planning. In permitted operation, the DWS Compact achieves transport speeds of up to 2.9 metres per second – a peak value.

All individual DWS components are easily accessible and from a maintenance point of view are also not obstructed by add-on parts; all system components are grouped separately to facilitate a structured maintenance concept. The intelligent system structure means that it is possible to change a belt without dismantling system components which results in higher availability. In this case, modularity of the systems makes it possible to seamlessly integrate the auto-identification systems and volume measurement technology of leading manufacturers and provides the maximum flexibility needed to satisfy customer requests.

Chaotic product sequences

In the CEP sector chaotic product sequences with large and varying parcel lengths which can pose problems for standard catchweighers are another issue. The consequences are larger product gaps and a reduction in throughput.

The intelligent solution provided by the HC-FL catchweigher from Wipotec deals neatly with this problem. This dual scale is a combination of two single-interval scales in line. Both scales can operate independently of each other or in combination at the same time. This means that as soon as a parcel exceeds a certain length, both single-interval scales work together as a virtual third set of scales. Chaotic product sequences with different geometries, sizes and weights no longer play a role.

The machine is ideal for applications where high belt speeds and top throughputs are required for products individually weighing up to 60 kg – which particularly applies to CEP environments. If a consignment is larger than each of the individual scales, the two scales interconnect automatically. The construction principle delivers 60 % higher throughput at the same speed compared to single-interval scales.

By combining two scales with different weighing belt lengths one behind the other in one machine, the double scale is able to weigh products at maximum speed while at the same time achieving the shortest possible product gap.

DWS Irreg

Both irregs and small parcels are responsible for the impressive increase in freight volume experienced in the e-commerce sector. Here Wipotec offers both semi- and fully-automated system versions in the mail and logistics environment.

Irregs, because of their size, shape or weight, cannot be sorted with the normal parcels. The DWS Irreg was developed by Wipotec especially for shipments, which previously required special treatment. The gross weighing range extends up to 150 kg.

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