Reliable product inspection of bulk goods in wet areas

The SC-WD-B model is the perfect solution if you want to ensure the quality of your raw materials or unpackaged products. It combines hygienic design with the advantages of the SC-B X-ray scanner, specially designed by Wipotec for bulk goods. The ideal location for the SC-WD-B is upstream of final packaging. The inspection system has extremely high detection sensitivity which is used to examine all kinds of bulk goods for foreign bodies.

Various ejection systems, which are adapted to your goods and production line, such as the reversible belt or the retractable tail, ensure minimum product loss. The X-ray scanner is available in various scan widths to effectively support your individual line requirements. The machines are made entirely of stainless steel. Both the X-ray scanner and the integrated water-water cooling unit meet protection class IP69K.

Key Features

  • Maximum modularity in construction
  • Hygienic design in IP69K
  • Compact design
  • Extensive ejection systems

Your Benefits

  • Easy and thorough cleaning
  • Fulfils highest hygiene requirements
  • Maximum flexibility for optimum line integration

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