Extremely compact and easy to integrate

With the letter scales of the HC-4000 series, you can weigh letters, large letters and small parcels, individually weighing up to a maximum 3.75 kg, reliably and accurate to half a gramme. These scales have an extremely small footprint thanks to the control cabinet integrated in the frame.

The catchweighers of the 4000 series are ideal for letters and small packages due to fast and precise weight acquisition. They are easily integrated in horizontal letter sorting systems. The horizontal conveyor belts of these letter and parcel scales convey goods even in chaotic sequence at up to two metres a second. Even restricted space conditions present no obstacle to the extremely compact systems. The use of a high-tech Wipotec weigh cell, which works on the principle of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR), guarantees excellent weighing results and is completely wear-free.

Key Features

  • Transport speeds: up to 2 m/s
  • Weight range: up to 3.75 kg
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 g

Your Benefits

  • Easy integration to existing lines
  • EMFR Weigh Cell for precise weighing results

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