Precise Multi-track Checkweighers: Efficiency on Every Track

The HC-A multi-track systems are particularly well-suited for use with small package sizes (for example, stick packs or 4-sided sealed bags). Multi-track units are available in conventional conveyor belt systems and also as a push over variant. High-precision weight measurements with individual display are provided for each track (with the minimal mid-lane positioning). The rejection system can be track based or combined.

Key Features

  • High-precision weighing of small packages
  • Automated 100% in-line-control

Your Benefits

  • Compact design for easy Integration
  • EMFR Weigh Cell for precise weighing results

Specialized Multi-track Control: Highest Precision, Minimal Track Spacing

In the push over variant, the EMFR-Weigh Cell from Wipotec is completely decoupled mechanically from the product transport. Products are pushed by a „finger“ (guided and driven from above) onto the weighingplatform. The product transport is centrally managed by only one servo drive for the entire checkweigher (all tracks).

The smallest feasible track separation and maximal accuracies are achieved using the push over method. Multi-track units are custom designed, developed, and manufactured to your specific requirements, dependent on the filling unit in operation and the product geometries.

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