Full view X-ray inspection
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Advanced Foreign Object Detection through Multidirectional Detection

The reliability of an X-ray inspection depends primarily on the selected camera positions. The more room for maneuver a system offers, the more accurate foreign body detection can be. The Dual View X-ray scanner enables the full inspection of products packed in upright containers in various orientations.

Upright products are regularly used in food packaging, and their special properties make it difficult to check the contents. Glass jars and cans in particular are typical packaging. X-ray inspection systems have therefore long been part of the basic equipment in many production facilities.

In most cases, however, a simple top-down system is not sufficient to reliably detect the product; the limitations of such solutions are quickly reached. All too often, blind spots create unseen areas that jeopardize both care and safety. Wipotec therefore relies on two flexible X-ray detectors throughout.

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Precisely positioned

The high flexibility of the Dual View SC-S 5020 X-ray scanner in the arrangement of the X-ray sources and detectors optimizes foreign body inspection to a maximum compared to conventional dual-beam systems. Two detectors can be aligned at different heights and positions so that the entire product area is covered. The possible arrangements include both cameras parallel to the floor or cover, combinations of these as well as exposure at 45° and 90° angles.

Adjustment is made by means of an integrated servo drive. A wide range of product heights is thus not a problem, nor are complex liquid or solid fillings. At the same time, software optimized for inspection divides each inspected product into several individual segments. No foreign body is left undetected.

The compact and hygienic design of this inspection system fully meets the special requirements of the food industry. The X-ray system reliably achieves excellent inspection results at high throughput rates of up to 1,200 items/min. – with the lowest false reject rates.

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