Dual View X-ray Inspection
Glass in Glass detection

The Dual View version of the SC-S series enables a full inspection of products packed in cans and jars in various orientations. Due to the special arrangement of two X-ray detectors, the entire product area inside the containers will be inspected for foreign bodies. 

The high flexibility in the arrangement of the X-ray sources and the detectors optimizes the foreign body inspection to a maximum, compared to conventional dual beam systems. The high-performance image processing software that allows the segmentation of the product images into multiple inspection areas is of particular importance.

Key Features

  • Full inspection of upright containers in various heights and angles
  • Highest flexibility due to adjustable X-ray sources
  • Easy cleaning due to V2A hygienic design
  • Segmentation of the product image into several inspection areas

Your Benefits

  • The broadest inspection for maximum productivity
  • Intelligent software covering a wide range of applications 

Video High Speed Dual View X-ray Inspection of Cans

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