E-paper: AVC - Active Vibration Compensation


High-precision weighing results through AVC-equipped catchweighers

Using dynamic weighing technology in sorting centres presents a special challenge – considerable vibrations are registered everywhere. Sorters, often closely located to dynamic weighing systems, transmit vibrations onto the platforms or the transport systems because of their moving masses.

AVC (Active Vibration Compensation) from WIPOTEC-OCS effectively reduces the remaining the negative impact of residual vibrations. This unique solution applies intelligent algorithms resulting in the most precise weighing accuracy, achieving the required weighing results even in environments where vibrations prevail. Ambient disturbances from measuring results are filtered out through AVC without any loss in speed.

This e-paper provides details on the appropriate layout of steel platforms, and how AVC makes it possible to reach the calibration values specified for scales even outside decoupled platforms.

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