Precision aerosol product weighing


Precision aerosol product weighing maximises customer satisfaction

Empack Spraytech Inc. is a global leader in aerosol manufacturing, liquid filling, and contract manufacturing. Located in Brampton, Ontario Canada, Empack operates two state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing facilities totaling 125,000 square feet with a production capacity of over 60,000,000 cans annually.

To support their healthcare customers Empack has a full Drug Establishment License (DEL) from Health Canada, and is site licensed to manufacture Natural Health Products (NHP). For their U.S. healthcare customers Empack offers product development and production for products requiring an FDA mandated NDC number. Empack is a diverse manufacturer specialising in environmentally friendly solutions for a wide variety of markets including, personal care, sun care, household products, automotive and industrial, insecticides, computer and electronics, shoe and leather care, outdoor, and specialty products.

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