Solving Pharma Serialization Challenges


Bionorica's Journey with the Traceable Quality System

Bionorica, a global giant in evidence-based herbal medicinal products, commands a turnover in the three-digit million range. With a workforce exceeding 2,000, they navigate the delicate balance between innovation and tradition, with the majority stationed at their German facilities. This family-owned enterprise, deeply rooted in ownership, extends its reach to over 40 countries, supplying pharmacists worldwide. Notably, Bionorica has emerged as the unrivaled market leader for phytopharmaceuticals in various sectors across Eurasian countries.

In the intricate landscape of regional product labeling requirements, Bionorica turns to Wipotec for counsel, systems, and services. This strategic partnership ensures seamless compliance with diverse regional specifications. The symbiotic alliance between these industry powerhouses underscores Bionorica's commitment to precision and excellence on a global scale.

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