Laser direct marking with QR codes

Digitalizing refillable containers for circular economy

This version of the Traceable Quality System (TQS) is equipped with three marking lasers and three inspection cameras to verify the markings. We particularly developed it to apply serialized QR-codes onto PET bottles without compromising their durability. Keeping up with the speed of the blow molder therefore is one of its main tasks.

We have optimized the setup specifically to achieve codes that verifiably comply with the GS1 Digital Link Standard - an important basis for ensuring that the marking is readable at all points of the supply chain.

Key Features

  • High-speed laser direct marking
  • Camera inspection to verify code quality
  • GS1 Digital Link structure compliant
  • All modules under one easy to operate control
  • Open interfaces for data exchange

Your Benefits

  • Permanent marking without damage
  • Label-free application of all information
  • Digitalizing containers to track them
  • Enabling circular economy of refillables

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