Weigh Cell EC-FS-AVC

The EC-FS-AVC series is suited for product weighing within the weighing range of 7,500 g. Their compact design and standard interfaces make them ideal for installation in machine lines and stand-alone checkweighers. The Weigh Cell's large additive dead load range favors the installation of large conveyor belts or weighing platforms without limiting the weighing range.

Weighing range up to 7,500 g

AVC (Active Vibration Compensation), self-damping enabled by intelligent algorithms, guarantees the shortest possible measuring times while maintaining the highest resolution. As a result, the most accurate measurements can be achieved even in environments subject to vibration. These are caused by vibrations of the machine frame, floor or ceiling .

As a ready-for-connection installation component, the Weigh Cell supplies final weight values via a CAN interface as a standard feature.

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Max. weighing range (g)7,500
Display value (g)0.01
Max. dead load range (g)7,500
IP (protection class)65

Technical Data


  • Weighing range up to 7.5 kg, covered by 4 models
  • Additive dead load range up to 8.5 kg
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Protection class up to IP65
  • Binary I/O channels with customer-specific functions
  • Interface 1: CAN, RS 422
  • Interface 2: RS 232 for service and configuration
  • Sampling rate 1 ms


2: Forceless connection of electrical aggregates

10: RS 422 instead of CAN interface

11: Bus operation

12: Higher display resolution

13: Binary I/O channels (4-fold)

14: Filling algorithm

19: Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) (standard)


With the optional CFI (CAN-Fieldbus-Interface) it is possible to connect to a variety of industrial fieldbus systems.

To be used in

  • Filling and packaging machines
  • Checkweighers (for different branches like food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics)
  • Parcel and letter sorting systems

Models of EC-FS-AVC Series

TypeWeighing RangeLoad RangeDisplay Value
EC 2000-2-FS-AVC750 g2,500 g0.01 g
EC 3000-3-FS-AVC1,500 g5,000 g0.02 g
EC 3000-2-FS-AVC3,750 g8,500 g0.05 g
EC 3000-1-FS-AVC7,500 g7,500 g0.1 g

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