Weighing Kit
IW-B-FS - SL60 Conveyor (IP54)

Weighing Kits, consisting of an IW-B-FS Weigh Cell and SL60 conveyor, are designed for use in heavy weight applications. The lightweight, stable conveyor system and the specially coordinated drive concept ensure maximum smoothness with quiet running and fast, safe product transport.

Weighing range up to 120 kg

The IW-B-FS Weigh Cell can be used for a huge variety of weighing and dead load ranges. Whether storage crates, parcels or other heavy weight articles, the SL60 conveyor with a 60 mm roller diameter of the conveyor meets the expectations for a stable design and the requirements for robustness and precision. All weighing-relevant components are produced in-house and are subject to the highest quality standard in order to design the weighing kit for the intended purpose and to achieve the best possible weighing result.


Max. weighing range (g)120,000
Display value (g)0.1
Max. dead load range (g)150,000
IP (protection class)65

To be used in

  • Intralogistics sector for warehouse applications
  • Parcel sorting facilities
  • Completeness check
  • Checkweighers (for various sectors such as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Filling and packaging machines
  • Custom machine engineering


  • Application specific weighing ranges
  • Large choice of weighing ranges
  • 60 mm roller diameter for optimum product handling
  • Application specific conveyor dimensions
  • Easy belt change
  • Maintenance-free asynchronous motor, for precision weighing applications
  • Interface for communication with the Weigh Cell (CAN, RS422, Profibus DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink)

Technical Data

High Precision Weighing Conveyor

Belt WidthConveyor Length
400 mm600 mm / 800 mm / 1,000 mm
600 mm800 mm / 1,000 mm

Infeed and Outfeed

Belt WidthConveyor Length
400 mm600 mm / 800 mm / 1,000 mm
600 mm800 mm / 1,000 mm

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