Checkweighing, X-ray and vision inspection in a compact unit

The SC-W-V is a pioneering combination of innovative X-ray technology, proven checkweigher technology and optical inspection from Wipotec. The products in the accepted goods stream are checked not only for impurities and weight,but also undergo an optical inspection. This control system checks the information as it appears on the products (barcodes, ingredients, nutritional values, expiry date and more) for correctness and a flawless appearance regarding the proper positioning and readability of all labels and seals (OCR and OCV). All inspection units - X-ray, weighing and optical inspection - are combined in one space-saving design.

Key Features

  • Multiple inspection methods in one compact unit
  • High precision checkweighing
  • Legibility check and position control of all labels and codes
  • Cover film verification
  • Verification of best-before date
  • Bar code check
  • Flexible component design
  • Highest hygienic standards
  • All inspection units operated from one HMI

Your Benefits

  • The broadest inspection for maximum productivity and product safety
  • Easy to operate central user interface

The SC-W-V constitutes an outstanding inspection system that provides maximum safety and prevents costly recalls resulting from product contamination or incorrect labelling.

This model has the same familiar and convenient user interface used in the checkweigher line. The system is controlled from a 15“ colour TFT display with touchscreen panel that always shows the current image.

Designed for protection class IP54 with full stainless steel construction, the SC-V system features a balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with C-shaped product area, enable thorough cleaning quickly and easily. This machine also meets the most stringent standards of hygiene.

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