Reliable product inspection in wet areas

The SC-WD product series leaves nothing to be desired in terms of process reliability and hygienic design. It meets protection class IP69K and is therefore especially suited for wet environments and extreme cleaning conditions. The C-shaped product space, bevelled surfaces and stainless steel housing fulfil even the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Easy installation and removal of the belt allows fast and thorough cleaning, thus maintaining the shortest cleaning cycles. In addition, a special surface treatment is optionally available to guarantee maximum hygiene. Both the X-ray scanner and the integrated water cooling unit meet protection class IP69K.

Key Features

  • Maximum modularity in construction
  • C-shaped product space, balcony architecture
  • Protection class IP69K
  • Compact design
  • Highest detection sensitivity

Your Benefits

  • Easy and thorough cleaning
  • Fulfils highest hygiene requirements
  • Maximum flexibility

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