X-ray inspection systems with unrestricted 7-year-warranty on the VioX camera

Without restriction to service contract and operating hours, Wipotec offers for the X-ray inspection system equipped with VioX cameras a 7-year-warranty on the camera. This guarantee, which is not bound to a service contract, is an expression of the manufacturer's confidence in the reliability and longevity of the VioX cameras used.

The electronics of the VioX TDI camera are not subject to wear and tear from X-ray radiation and demonstrably reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of production lines. Plant shutdowns as a result of detector replacement are no longer necessary.

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VioX camera technology from Wipotec

In this video Joachim Ott, Business Development Manager Product Inspection at Wipotec presents SC-4000 X-ray scanner with built-in VioX TDI camera.

SC-4000 X-ray scanner video: Joachim Ott, Business Development Manager Product Inspection, explains the VioX TDI camera of the SC-4000 X-ray scanner from Wipotec. The camera, with a resolution of up to 0.1 millimetres, detects even the smallest foreign objects. The integrated X-ray trap completely protects the electronics from X-ray radiation and prevents wear. This means maximum reliability for electronics inside the VioX camera.

E-Paper: VioX - The detector makes the difference

X-ray inspection systems in the food industry: How design, functionality, and detector technologies affect the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our e-paper on X-ray inspection systems for food inspection explains why X-ray inspection is essential in food quality assurance. From the basic design of X-ray inspection systems, image acquisition, and resolution criteria to the influence of long-life VioX camera technologies on the Total Cost of Ownership of production lines. Not only the reduced downtimes, but also reduced false ejection rates due to the use of high-quality detectors contribute to the reduction of the total cost of ownership. The number one e-paper for decision-making in food inspection.

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The VioX camera. All advantages at a glance

With a resolution of up to 0.1 millimetres, the VioX cameras detect even the smallest foreign objects and are practically wear-free.

The integrated TDI cameras are among the most strained components in X-ray inspection. Still, this is not a wear part in the X-ray inspection systems from Wipotec - which is exemplified in an unrestricted 7-year manufacturer's warranty. There is no upper limit for operating hours and no service contract is required. At the same time, the long service life eliminates further expenses for repairs and spare parts procurement.

With regard to low total operating costs (TCO) of production lines, X-ray inspection systems from Wipotec equipped with VioX TDI cameras are therefore the best investment decision for outstanding process reliability and highest productivity.

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