High weighing accuracy and throughput of parcels

Scales of the HC-SL series are designed for products up to a maximum 60 kg. The high weighing accuracy (up to 5 g) permits speeds of up to 2.9 m/s in calibrated mode. These excellent values are achieved by the sandwich construction which creates a rigid platform for the parcel to travel over the scale weigh bridge. It also ensures a noise reduction to below 65 dB.

Key Features

  • Sandwich construction
  • Weighing range up to 60 kg (optionally 150 kg)
  • Calibration value above +/- 5 g
  • Low noise level not exceeding 65 dB

Your Benefits

  • Wipotec EMFR weigh cell for the best weighing results
  • Double the speed compared to standard machines

Scales of the SL series are particularly easy to integrate. Their Wipotec EMFR weigh cells are absolutely maintenance- and wear-free.

The catchweighers can also weigh during acceleration and decelaration phases, and on ascending or descending slopes. The scales can be used from both sides due to the symmetrical belt construction. The exit side finger protection is fitted as standard. The drive motor can be mounted optionally on the left or right in the belt‘s direction of travel. An internal belt drive (optional) can be used where a particularly narrow design is important.

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