Application report: Reliable verification at high speed at Manner


Up to 640 pieces/minute

At Josef Manner & Comp. AG, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. The headquarter of the Austrian family business has been located at the same address in the 17th district of Vienna for more than 130 years. Another production facility was also established in nearby Wolkersdorf over time. To manufacture the famous Neapolitan wafers alone, an average of 160 tons are processed here every day at the main facility. Achieving such throughputs requires a system that is both reliable and tried and tested, which can only be achieved using high-speed checkweighers. Manner’s experienced confectionery specialists thus fully rely on solutions from Wipotec. A Wipotec checkweigher is now used on every packaging line at the W17 facility.

Watch the video here: Maximum quality with high speed technology

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