Predict Potential Weighing Accuracy in Your Application


The D-Box, a mobile diagnostic solution, offers a precise estimation of catchweigher accuracy in any application in sorting and distribution centres.

Before integrating new weighing solutions in sorting centres, it is hard to tell whether the given conditions of a specific application will affect your catchweigher’s performance. The D-Box is a compact diagnostic system that will help you solve the problem of uncertainty. The mobile tool can predict potential weighing accuracy values within seconds. Moreover, it can also simulate catchweighers with and without the AVC (active vibration compensation) technology in environments prone to vibrations. The results of the analysis will show the maximum precision expected from a catchweigher equipped with the AVC.

Estimation of achievable weighing accuracy with the D-Box is a cost-effective service conducted by Wipotec specialists directly on-site. Based on the results of this analysis, you will be able to make a confident decision regarding the choice of the most suitable weighing solution for your specific application. You will be able to achieve more accurate weight measurements and lower calibration values, which has a direct impact on the overall sorting centre performance and revenues.

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