Dynamic Stainless Steel Checkweighers: Hygienic Weighing with IP65

The solid stainless steel construction of the HC-M-VA is the perfect answer. Other materials have been deliberately avoided in the product areas.

This makes the HC-M-VA ideal for use in light to average humidity environments (protection class IP65). The Weigh Cell (with secondary hood), drive motors, and conveyors are all manufactured as stainless steel machine components. Additional options in stainlesssteel complete this outstanding hygienic package.

The stainless steel version of the HC-M-VA is a prime example of hygienic design as well as for product and consumer safety. Designed and implemented for frequent cleaning cycles, this machine very easily integrated in existing production lines.

Key Features

  • Max output 250 ppm
  • Exact fill results for higher productivity

Your Benefits

  • EMFR Weigh Cell for precise weighing results
  • Stainless steel construction for highest hygiene

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