Wipotec focuses on innovation for sustainable energy self-sufficiency

Coca-Cola wins award with Wipotec technology

"Even better than the original specifications”

MINT promotion for the Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium Kaiserslautern

"My grandpa forced me into technology"

Festive gala in Düsseldorf

Energetic Autarky Planned Within the Next Two Years

Jule Märkl wins in Frankfurt (Oder)

Award ceremony

Congratulations at the German SME Summit

What will be reality tomorrow is presented here today

Doing good together: Wipotec donates €24,000 to charities in traditional donation campaign

Together we can make a positive change in our world!

The modular design of the Traceable Quality System

Wipotec technology adapts to customers’ requirements

Merging our websites

Training sessions in Bangkok

Wipotec GmbH receives coveted award from Oskar Patzelt Foundation

Summary of the summer interview with RHEINPFALZ

TOP 100 Innovation Competition

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